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'Loving, Learning, Achieving, Believing'

School Council

St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School has an active and influential school council which meets regularly to discuss school projects and ideas.

Recent projects have included a joint effort with the Friends of St. Augustine's to introduce playground markings (targets, hopscotch, tracks, compass, Roman numerals, and 1-100 square). The school council were consulted by Brockhill Country Park rangers in the redesign of their adventure playground which has now been built so that all the children in the local community have a revamped play area to enjoy.

Our next 'mission' is to improve playtimes using a scheme called 'Positive Playtimes'. The idea is that the playground will always have a variety of supervised activities on offer, as well as free play. The children will help us to manage the different activities on offer.

We believe children thrive on being given responsibility, and we value the contribution they make to the smooth running of the school.

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