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School Prospectus

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The aims of our school

At St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School we provide a broad, balanced education for all the children in our care. We aim to create a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment in which all children can grow their self-esteem and fulfil their potential as human beings. By learning together we aim to:

  • Help them to learn to live together in a Christian community and to show sensitivity to the differences between one another
  • Encourage them to become responsible, independent people, who are able to look at and think deeply about the world around them
  • Develop a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline
  • Develop spiritual awareness and an awe of the universe
  • Ensure that all pupils have full access to the National Curriculum
  • Enable children to reach their full potential in all aspects of the school’s curriculum including the National Curriculum, particularly in acquiring effective skills in literacy and numeracy
  • Provide children with an education appropriate to the world outside the classroom
  • Develop a love of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their life

Sporting aims

  • To provide an opportunity to take part in enjoyable activities
  • To help develop physical competence and skills
  • To develop the concept of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour
  • To provide opportunities to work cooperatively with others
  • To develop the ability to cope with success and failure
  • To promote, through direct experience, the benefits of exercise

Home and school

We welcome the interest and support of parents in all aspects of school life. We aim to keep parents well informed about their children’s education so that they see it as a partnership between home and school.

The school day

School is open from 8.30am with a ten minute window for children to arrive in school. Children go straight to their classrooms where early work is set out for them and a number of intervention/support groups take place for children. The school day finishes at 3.00pm. We have a school breakfast club which accepts children from 07.45 until school starts at 08.30.

School Council

Our School Council members are involved in the decision making of the life of the school by expressing their ideas and views at regular meetings. Two Council members attend the local Schools’ Council where their views are shared and discussed at a wider level.

How we organise learning

We want our children to learn life skills that will take them in to the 21st century so that they can use their gifts and talents with confidence in an ever changing world.

During the school year, each class’s work is planned around a series of topics, lasting half a term, or a term. The topics are organised so that all areas of the National Curriculum are included over the year. This means they follow nationally agreed programmes of study in numeracy, literacy, RE, science, computing, art, music, PE, history, geography and design and technology.

As well as work related to the class topic, children also work on specific subject areas.  In particular, there will be on-going activities in maths and English – talking, listening, reading and writing. Children are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively in a group, according to the task in which they are involved.

In addition to the subjects specified in the National Curriculum, the school also includes French in Key Stage 2 and cross-curricular issues such as personal and social education, health education, environmental education, equal opportunities and multi-cultural education across both Key Stages.

Children progress through the levels of the National Curriculum at their own rate and their progress is carefully checked by teachers throughout the year with testing and teacher assessment.


At St. Augustine's we believe that reading is a key element to all learning and with this in mind, instead of setting formal homework, our expectation is that all children read to an adult or older sibling at home, at least 4 times a week. 

Phonics work will sometimes be set as an ongoing learning target for children in KS1 and Times Tables will be set for children in KS2. 

The aims and approach described below are both realistic and sensible. As in all areas of school life, it is essential the parents and the school are clear about what is to be achieved, and are mutually supportive. 

  • To encourage and enhance the work ethic
  • To reinforce work done at school
  • To enable parents to share in the life of the school
  • To encourage a feeling of self-worth and help develop a sense of pride and achievement in any activity completed
  • To help prepare older children, particularly those in Year 5 and Year 6, for life at secondary school

St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School has gained the following awards:

  • Primary Quality Mark
  • Healthy Schools
  • Meeting criteria for extended schools
  • Gold Award Travel Plan
  • Active Schools Mark
  • FMSiS
  • Kent accreditation for teaching a modern foreign language

Equal opportunities

The Governors and staff at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School are committed to providing the full range of opportunities for all pupils regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social, cultural or religious background. 

All pupils have equal access to the curriculum and the right to a learning environment, which dispels ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping. The entire school community has the right to protection from insult, abuse and bullying of any kind. Discrimination on the basis of colour, origin, gender or ability is unacceptable in our school.

Additional educational needs

Consideration is given to all children with additional educational needs, including the most able children, children with learning difficulties, children with physical disabilities and children with emotional problems.

Multi-cultural education

We believe it is essential that children should develop an understanding of a variety of cultures. We aim to help children grow into people who respect and care for all people.

Behaviour and discipline

Our aim is to encourage self-discipline, courtesy, consideration for others and respect for the School environment. Positive praise is essential and we reinforce good work, good behaviour and co-operation.

A healthy lifestyle

We support our children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to make the right choices. School meals are prepared on the premises and salad and fresh fruit are available on the daily menu.

Living together in a school community

We treat our children with respect and consideration. As a result we hope they will learn to respect other people and have a responsible attitude to the general care of the school. We believe the development of self-control and an acceptance of responsibility for their actions is essential if children are to live happily in a community.

Interested in our school?

St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School is for children aged 4-11 years. The school has planned an admission number of 30 for September each year.

Visitors to the school are always welcome.

As a school with a religious character we warmly welcome all those who wish to attend in accordance with our admission criteria.

If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us to make an appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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