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October 2018 report

St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School is rated GOOD by Ofsted.

Ofsted inspection Report - 30th October 2018.

As you will read the school continues to be ‘good’ with many strengths and positives, and only two minor development points.

Firstly, congratulations and well done to the children. As always they did the school proud; time and again they show themselves to be the school’s best ambassadors. 

Secondly, on behalf of all the staff and governors, could I say a sincere thank you to parents and carers for all the support they give to their children and to the school. We are very blessed to have parents that seem to always go the extra mile in order to support the school’s work and this partnership benefits the children hugely.

As you will read in the report, the children’s academic outcomes are statistically well above national averages in reading, writing, GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and maths and year on year these results have been better and better. It was especially pleasing to see that this was the case for all pupils regardless of their starting points.  You may know that Ofsted look closely at the achievement of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and also children who have Special Needs. It is really positive to note that both groups of children achieve outcomes in line with or exceeding non-disadvantaged pupils.

Having reported this great news about the academic success of the children, I would like to reassure you that the school retains a keen eye on the wider curriculum and much of the thought we are now giving to school development will be centred on this. Providing opportunities and experiences beyond children’s formal learning is something the school is fully committed to, whether it be through sport, through the arts or through outdoor and adventurous activities.  Hand on heart, I feel we already do a good job; our curriculum is already broad and balanced. However, as the Ofsted report says, we are ‘not complacent’ and we work on the basis that we can always improve.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the staff and governors of St. Augustine’s. As headteacher, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated, hard-working and talented team. 

Read our latest Ofsted report, or click on the images below to read the Parents View or the latest school data.

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