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Who are our governors?

Kim McConnell, Headteacher (since August 2013)
Anne Malpass, Foundation Governor (since November 2013 – 4 year term)
Julie Milnes, Staff Governor (since January 2014 – 4 year term)
James Folkard, Parent Governor (since May 2017– 4 year term)
Andrew Wall, Parent Governor (since  December 2016 – 4 year term)
Mark Cooper, Local Authority Governor (since February 2013 – 4 year term)
Clare Archibald, Foundation Governor (since June 2012 – 4 year term)

Rebecca Plested (Chair) Foundation Governor (since October 2014-4 year term)
Ada Foreman, Foundation Governor (since September 2014 – 4 year term)
Lindsay Page, Foundation Governor (since November 2015 – 4 year term)

Declarations of interest

All governors must declare if they have any conflicts of interest. These are detailed below:

Clare Archibald and Laura Savage are sisters.

Clare Archibald Inclusion Coordinator at Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, Folkestone. She also works one day a week at St. Joseph's Preparatory School (an independent school) as the Senco.

What is the role of the governing body?

The Governing Body works as a ‘whole team’, meeting six times per year, once in each term, without any separate committees.  An agenda for each meeting will include all the tasks which the governing body is required to consider, and the governing body will ‘commission’ assignments or activities arising from the business of the meeting, which will be recorded in the minutes.

In addition to ‘commissioning’ activities or actions on their behalf, the governing body has delegated monitoring activities to ‘monitoring pairs’ or ‘individuals’. This applies to statutory functions, and the priorities of the School Plan. Our priorities for this year have been taken from the Ofsted and section 48 inspections, plus extra-curricular activities. Please see the operational list below. In each case where a function has been delegated there is a statutory duty to report any action or decision to the governing body at the next meeting.

Governing Roles and Panel Membership

HT Performance Management and Pay Panel: Clare Archibald, Mark Cooper and Anne Malpass
Training Co-ordinator: Julie Milnes
Reports Co-ordinator: Anne Malpass
Policy Co-ordinator: Becky Plested
Exclusions or Complaints Panel: Three governors chosen from the whole Governing Body.