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Year 1 Design and Technology

National Curriculum Requirements for Year 1

  • I use my own ideas to make something
  • I decribe how something works
  • I cut food safely
  • I make a product which moves
  • I make my model stronger
  • I explain to someone else how I make my product
  • I choose appropriate resources and tools
  • I make a simple plan before making

Topic : The Big Build

Learning Outcomes / Pupils will :

  • research suitable designs and practise making a structure
  • investigate the most effective way of joining materials
  • join and make a picture frame
  • construct a suitable house for 'The Three Little Pigs'
  • make a frame or shell house for the three pigs
  • incorporate a secret trap with a hinge mechanism

Topic : Let's Celebrate

Learning Outcomes / Pupils will :

  • learn how to make a jelly and identifyways to make a jelly more delicious / healthy / visually appealing
  • generate lists of fruits, juices and flavoured jelly which they prefer and explain their preferences
  • pracirsed making different flavoured jellies, combined different flavoured jellies, combined different fruits and explored using different shaped jelly moulds in order to research their preferences.

Topic : Animal Allsorts



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