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Reception year RE curriculum (Terms 5 and 6)

Term 5: New Life

In the first half of the term the children will hear that Jesus was raised to new life at Easter. Before the holidays they will have experienced the preparation for Easter in the classroom. Now they will learn how Jesus went back to his Father in Heaven and promised his friends that one day they would also be able to go to the Father.

There will be lots of opportunities to investigate the new life they see all around them in the springtime.

You can help your child by:

  • Following the events in the Children’s Bible
  • Finding opportunities to point out to your child the signs of new life in the garden, the parks and in the fields (new lambs, calves, etc.)
  • Pointing out the signs and symbols in church, especially the Paschal candle which is a sign that Jesus is alive and with us.

This is also a good time to share some little practical activities connected with the garden or, if you do not have a garden, planting up of window boxes, etc.  At bedtime, include prayers that thank God for the new life we see around us.

Term 6: The Church

It is the time when we celebrate the great feast of Pentecost and the growth of the early church. By now the children will have a real sense of “belonging” to their class and school community. The children will begin to learn that they belong to the Church family.

You can help your child by:

  • Taking part in the Church’s celebrations each week at Mass
  • Helping your child to learn the simple familiar prayers, e.g. the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, morning prayer, night prayer, etc.  This can be done easily by simply saying the prayers regularly with them
  • Helping your child to recognise people in their Church family, e.g. the priest and the altar servers as well as the other members of the parish
  • Encouraging your child to take part in the Children’s Liturgy (if there is one at your church)
  • Giving your child a simple children’s Mass book with pictures and pointing out to them what is happening
  • Spending some quiet time before or after Mass (or other suitable time) to point out the tabernacle where Jesus is present in a special way.  By using these long words (with a simple explanation) the child will before familiar with them
  • Teaching your child to genuflect or bow the head towards the tabernacle as a sign of reverence before they enter the bench
  • Helping them to appreciate the different people involved in keeping the church beautiful because it is God’s House and a place of prayer

This is the final theme for the school year.  We hope that you have enjoyed working in partnership with us to enable your child to begin to understand what it means to be a member of a family at home, at school and at church.

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