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'Loving, Learning, Achieving, Believing'

Year 6 RE curriculum (Terms 5 and 6)

Term 5: The Work of the Apostles
We focus on the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples at Pentecost and how, from this point onwards, the early Christian community developed. We will learn that the disciples were people with strengths and weaknesses, just like we have, and that we, like them, are called to carry on spreading the good news Jesus came to bring.
Important vocabulary:
  • Disciple: A follower or learner
  • Prophet: A person who hears God’s word and tells others about it
  • Grace: Help or gifts which come from God
  • Repent: To be sorry for your sins and do something about it
Term 6: Called to Serve
We will become aware of Jesus’ teaching on, and example of, service; and how we should try to be like Him. We celebrate our gifts and talents, and see how we can use them to help other people. We also look at the gifts we receive at Confirmation.
Important vocabulary:
  • Mission: Teaching or preaching the word of God
  • Service: To help others
  • Reconciliation: Forgiveness
  • Eucharist: The mass, in which Jesus gives himself truly, under the appearance of bread and wine
What can you do with your child at home? If possible, look at photos and tell your child about their Baptism. Remind them of other important religious occasions that family members have participated in, such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage etc.
Read St. Paul’s description of love – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
Remember the family is the first community to which we belong. It is here that children learn to:
  • give and take;
  • help and share;
  • love and forgive;
  • laugh and cry
  • and grow as a Christian.
I hope that all the children will continue to use all the amazing talents they have developed so far and that there will be many more to discover in the future.
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