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'Loving, Learning, Achieving, Believing'

Year 3 RE curriculum (Terms 3 & 4)


Year 3 R.E. Terms 3 and 4

Term 3

Our topic is called ‘Called to Change’. We will learn about the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation through the stories of Zacchaeus, the Lost Sheep and the Lost Son. We will then think about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the way Catholic people prepare for, and act after receiving the Sacrament. The season of Lent starts this term and will learn about the ways Christians live during Lent and how we prepare for Easter.


Term 4

Our topic is ‘Celebrating the Mass’. In this topic we will learn why Catholic people go to Mass. We will also look at the different parts of the Mass including saying sorry, the readings, the prayers, the offertory, consecration and Holy Communion.


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