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'Loving, Learning, Achieving, Believing'

Year 1 RE curriculum (Terms 5 and 6)

Term 5: Resurrection

Within this topic we will be learning about what the resurrection means to us, the stories of Jesus’ appearances to the disciples and the story of Thomas’ doubt. The children will be exploring the feelings that the resurrection engender and the importance of Easter as a Christian festival. The main elements of this terms topic is to explore feelings, such as hope, fear and love. 

To help your child at home with this topic you could:

  • Discuss with the children how they celebrated Easter Sunday.
  • Discuss with the children their hopes.
  • Discuss with the children what they are afraid of and how they can overcome their fears.
  • Say their prayers at night with a focus on giving thanks for the life of Jesus.
  • Discussing with the children what they believe in and the proof that they have for their belief (do they need proof?)

This is a good time of year to discuss new life with the children and to spot signs of spring in the garden or when out walking.

Term 6: Miracles

This topic explores some of the miracles that Jesus performed. The children will have opportunities to discuss and role play these stories. As the term progresses we will explore peoples motivations for doing good deeds and the children will be encouraged to reflect on their own actions. The main aim for the topic is to develop an understanding of love that Jesus has for mankind and the trust that people have in Jesus. 

To support your child at home you could:

  • Read the bible stories relating to the miracles.
  • Discuss with the children everyday miracles, such as the change of the season, the miracle of new life etc.
  • Helping children to see the wonder in their own environment.
  • Help the children say their prayers regularly and give thanks to God.

This is the final theme for the school year. We hope that you have enjoyed working in partnership with us to enable your child to begin to understand what it means to have faith and be part of a home, school and church.

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