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Catholic Newsletter

January 2022                                              

Writing this introduction just before Christmas in December 2021, I’m thinking ahead and wondering what January will be like. With the rise in Omicron cases and various new restrictions being put in place, it’s hard not to look forward with trepidation to what the next few weeks will bring us. Especially when I think back to this time last year when ‘Christmas was cancelled.’ The questions I’m hearing from friends and families I know are: ‘Will there be another lockdown?’ ‘Will schools have to close?’ ‘When will this end?!’

Whatever ends up happening, the uncertainty behind these questions is hard to deal with. But one thing we can be sure of is that Christmas is never ‘cancelled’ and with the new year comes a fresh reminder of the new life that we have in Jesus.

This newsletter shares some of the content children will experience in school and suggests ways for you to engage with them about it. We hope and pray that, however January turns out to be, you and your family will be inspired to recommit to following Jesus and be comforted by His presence and peace.

New Year, New You

At the beginning of a new year or new term, we often think of making a new start or becoming better at something. It’s sometimes thought of as a time to leave old ways behind, with slogans such as ‘new year, new you’ seen everywhere from gym memberships to language-learning apps.

In the first week back of term, we discussed with children the idea of New Year’s resolutions. Check out some resolution ideas we came up with for fictional characters: