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'Loving, Learning, Achieving, Believing'

Catholic Distinctiveness


How is our Catholic school different from a non-faith school?

As a Catholic primary school, we want everyone to be able to feel our faith beaming out of every brick, through the following ways:

* Our values, vision and ethos, which are rooted in gospels and teachings of Jesus Christ

* The way we live out these gospel values and how we treat each other

* The quality and value we place on Prayer and Liturgy

* The importance we place on our Religious Education curriculum and teaching

* How the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of our whole community is valued

* Attitudes towards promoting inclusion and our commitment to children with Special Educational Needs

* Character development through the Catholic Life of the school, Prayer and Liturgy, Religious Education, Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Relationships and Health Education

* Engagement with the community and outside world through social action

* How all these aspects weave together to allow every member of our community to flourish

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