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The St Augustine's Science Experience

Science Progression of Skills


Year 3 - Exploring Bones

Year 5 - Materials

Y5 have had great fun exploring materials in Science. Doing a challenge..."What's the fastest way to melt an ice cube?" within their work on solids, liquids and gases. 

Ideas ranged from put it in your sock, eat it, pour salt on it,  melt it with a hairdryer or take it to space. Obviously, some ideas were easier to test than others...

Evaporation investigation and fun with non-Newtonian fluids in Y5

Year 5 had a great day investigating how many worms they could find within a meter square of ground. They all enjoyed getting a bit muddy and digging for worms! They were able to identify and classify the different types of worms. We learnt that there are 20 different types of worms in the UK. We talked about why some groups of children found more worms than others and how we could charm worms to the surface. We collated all our findings to feed back to other schools as part of the KSCP video link at the end of the day.

In Year 1 we have been scientists and made used our observing brains to see what happens to ice when adding other materials to it. The children were given a task of saving the man in each ball of ice. Some were saved and others are still frozen....

Year 3 - Studying Rocks

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