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Year R - Homework - 24th January 2020

Dear Parents & Children,

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year; how to show our addition number sentences by drawing pictures and have learnt the sounds 't' and 'p'.  For homework this week you could do one or more of the following:-

- Hunt for things around the house that have a 't' or 'p' sound in them and identify where in the word the sound is (beginning, middle or end)

- Hide post it notes with the sounds on around the house and try to collect them all

- Spot the new sounds in books or signs

- Try some Chinese food and talk about what they like or dislike about it

- Make puppets of the 12 animals of the Chinese New Year and act it out

- Listen to some Chinese music or watch a dragon/lion dance on YouTube

- Roll a dice or select 2 groups of objects and practice drawing the number sentence with pictures (see note in homework book)

Have a great weekend :)

Mrs. Emma Folkard

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