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Year R - Homework - 29th November 2019

Dear Year R


On Tuesday, 3rd December our School Choir are taking part in a Carol Service at St. George's Cathedral, London.

As part of the offertory, we shall be taking up our Advent Promises and presenting them to the Archbishop John Wilson.

Over the weekend, every child in the school is being asked to write an "Advent Promise" - this is something that they are going to try to do to prepare for Christmas in recognition of Jesus' birthday.  For example, they might promise to wash up each evening, or keep their rooms tidy, or even not fight with their brothers and sisters!

Each child has been given a star to write their Advent Promise on. It can be cut out and decorated and can be signed or be anonymous - as your child prefers.  Please send them in on Monday so that they can be boxed up ready to take on Tuesday.

Happy Advent to all.

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