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Year R - Homework - 12th October 2018

Dear Parents and children,

Congratulations on making it through your first term.  Now it is time for a well deserved break! For homework over half-term I have provided you with  list.  Try to tick off as many as you can and remember to have as much fun as possible.  If you have time take some photos for your book.

  • Roll down a hill and climb back up
  • Ride a scooter or a bike
  • Visit a wood and collect 3 things
  • Run until you are out of breath
  • Swing as high as you can on a swing
  • Read your favourite book with someone you love
  • Have a cuddle
  • Visit a friend
  • Eat something you have never tried before
  • Do something helpful around the house
  • Watch your favourite movie
  • Play the silly soup game

Have a lovely half-term!

Mrs. Folkard

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