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Year R - Mrs. Folkard and Mrs. Hill



First of all I would d like to say welcome to all of the new families joining us this year and welcome back to the familiar faces!  This year in reception the class will be led by Mrs Folkard with Mrs Hill as Teaching Assistant.  We are very excited to be working as a team and getting to know this new group of children. 

The reception year of school is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and will, primarily, be taught through play.  We will be taking a ‘planning in the moment’ approach to learning.  This involves the adults observing children, identifying what they are demonstrating in their play, interacting with the children (either asking questions, engaging them in conversation, offering a resource or demonstrating a skill) and finally observing again to see how the child reacts to the adults input.  Every day the children’s observations will be sent to you through Evidence Me and you can also add to their profile by sending observations through the Evidence Me app. 

Every day the children will have a few short carpet sessions, building up in length as the year progresses.  In these sessions we will be learning about a particular story, phonics, basic maths skills and RE.

Every Wednesday the children will be involved in a P.E session and therefore need to have their P.E kit in school in anticipation of this.  On Thursdays the children will be doing outdoor/forest school activities in the school grounds and as the year progresses we will go further afield into Brockhill Park for these sessions.  Please ensure that all children have waterproof clothing and welly boots as soon as possible.  They also need spare socks/tights and underwear in their bags for emergencies. 

Please try to hear your child read as regularly as possible and record it in their reading record book.  We will attempt to hear the children at least once a week and their books will be changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please ensure that they are in the book bag every day.  For children that are self-isolating home learning will be on the schools website under reception class’ page. This is also the ideal place to find out what we will be covering in the upcoming week, as the self-isolation plans follow the same objectives and activities that we will do in class. 

Please remember we are always here to help so don’t hesitate to ask or phone the school office.

Mrs Emma Folkard and Mrs Bethany Hill.


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