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YEAR 6 HOMEWORK - 18th January 2019

HOMEWORK        YEAR 6    18th January 2019                                

Log onto your ‘Times table rock stars’ account using your username and password. Begin by playing a studio game. Each game lasts 1 minute so you will need to play 10 separate Studio games to complete the introduction. Questions in the Studio are randomly generated, go up to 12×12.  

The introduction is needed to see and compare improvement.


1. Remember to collect 4 signatures for reading this week.

2. Learn this week’s spellings.                                                                  

3. Have a think about how much you can use maths in everyday life…make all this learning relevant! Use 24 and 12 hour clock times to plan Tv programmes and trips out. How long until….? What’s the duration of the film? When do I have to be ready? What time do I have to turn off the computer games?                             If you are out shopping, use rounding to calculate the bill. If you are spending pocket money, go through the choices…I could buy 1 packet of sweets and 2 small choc bars…and still have so much left. Or I could buy …

If you are out on a journey, calculate the time it should take. So how many miles per hour. (This won’t work if you get stuck in the M20 traffic! But practising times tables will help to pass the time!)

If you are sharing pizza, think about the fractions you are working with?

Make a note of all the maths opportunities in everyday life.

4. This week we have been learning about mummification. We know that the Ancient Egyptians didn’t really understand how the body worked – they thought the heart was the source of intelligence and the brain was unimportant!!  Now we are moving on to learn about the pyramids and how and why they were built. Make notes about life as a pyramid builder on the sheet provided.

Use the links to the websites below-

                           https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/z849wmn      Building the pyramids (1/5)


                             Ancient Egyptian beliefs and how they affected the construction of pyramids.

                          http://primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/egypt/pyramids.htm      The construction of the pyramids

             or type in           Pyramids ks2           Please bring your notes in for MONDAY.

Mrs. Dewey and Mrs. Harrison

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