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YEAR 6 HOMEWORK - 22nd March 2019

  HOMEWORK      YEAR 6         22nd March 2019

  1. Read - and collect signatures in your record book please.
  2. Spellings this week are words that keep cropping up…spelt incorrectly!
  3. Research ideas on how to maintain a healthy heart. You are going to make a poster to go up in a Youth Club. Try and find some statistics.
  4. Make sure you know all the time facts on the sheet. If you are still not confident with telling the time, get everyone at home to ask you, “What’s the time?”

  Use different ways to say the time –

eg 4:15  or quarter past 4                                                                     05:50 or ten minutes to 6

You need to be confident with analogue and digital times.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs. Dewey and Mrs. Harrison

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