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'Loving, Learning, Achieving, Believing'

Year 6 - Mrs Dewey, Mrs. Harrison & Mrs. Keet

YEAR 6 TERMS 1 and 2

Well, can you believe that those tiny little four year olds that you left nervously in reception class six years ago are now entering their final year in primary school!!! This year, we will be working hard to ensure that your child is ready to make the transition to secondary school as smoothly as possible. This doesn’t only include being ready academically (which of course is important) but ready in many other ways. They need to become independent learners who are able to organise themselves in order to achieve their best; they need to be able to work collaboratively (yes, even with people they don’t like) and they need to have strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

Our first theme is called, “Who’s Taking Control?” in which pupils explore the idea of control through electricity and robotic machines.  We look to the future when machines may begin to take control! This topic includes journalistic, letter and narrative writing. In science, we shall be looking at different ways of changing electrical circuits. In art and design, we shall be looking at giant sculptures and attempting to make sculptures of our own!

Our second theme is based on Norman Rockwell’s painting, “The problem we all live with”, which portrays the young Ruby Bridges being escorted to school – she was the first black child to be educated at a previously all-white school in the United States of America. We shall explore Black History and how this has shaped modern thinking.

Our third theme is, “A Voyage of Discovery”. In this unit, pupils will explore how adaptation can lead to evolution. Pupils will follow the voyage of Charles Darwin with opportunities for writing letters, explanations, taking notes, recounts and even a speech. (We are also hoping to organise a class trip related to this topic.)  In art and design, we shall be looking at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and in particular his sketches of plants and animals. In science, we shall be looking at Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection and animal adaptation.

Throughout the term, there will be a daily maths lesson based on the demands of the National Curriculum. As well as this, P.E., French, instrumental music (either recorder or clarinet) and R.E. will be taught. I.T. will be used wherever appropriate.

Homework is set on Friday for the following Thursday and there is an expectation that this is completed with care and on time. This is one way that the children can prepare themselves for next year. It is important for them to read at home every day with a minimum of four adult signatures in their reading record each week. P.E. kits should be in school at all times and ALL uniform must be labelled with your child’s name. (We cannot guarantee that we can re-unite children with un-marked pieces of uniform!)

We have asked the children to bring reading packets to school (as opposed to bags and ruck-sacks) as there is simply not enough room in the cloakroom for them. The children are also being asked to bring their own named water bottle to school – please could these have a    ‘pop - top’ so that, if they are knocked over, too much damage doesn’t occur! Thank you for your co-operation.

We look forward to seeing you at the ‘Get to know the teacher/ Snowdonia’ meeting on Tuesday 4th September at 3:15p.m. when we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Geraldine Harrison, Clare Dewey and Sarah Keet

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