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YEAR 5 HOMEWORK - 17th May 2019

Year 5 PESE - POWER POINT - please click for details


Dear Parents,

For your Maths homework complete the sheet on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

For your English homework we would like you to plan a story about being lost in the jungles where the Mayan Civilisation took place. Like Julienne Kopcke, a mammologist, who survived 11 days in the Amazon rainforest after a plane crash in 1971, your story will also be based on this theme. You can decide who you travel with and what the purpose of your journey is. Your plane crashes in the jungles and you come across an ancient Mayan temple. Who do you find and how are you going to get home? Bring in your plans and ideas for Tuesday when we will start writing this story

As part of an activity next week we need you to bring in an A4 picture of the face of an animal. Please bring one in - extra points for an animal picture from the Amazon.

Mrs Crook and Mrs Watson



- Entry to Dover Grammar School for Girls is through either the Kent test or the Dover test.  Please click on the link to access details of the Open Evening and the entry forms. Dover Grammar School for Girls

- Open Evenings, for next year’s Year 6 families, will be held at Turner Free School on Thursday 26th September and Thursday 10th October

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