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YEAR 5 HOMEWORK - 16th November 2018

Dear Year 5

For your Maths homework please practise our written multiplication methods taught this week.

You still have another week to work at your research about a famous Greek person.

Next Friday (23rd) will be our Greek Dress Up Day. Make sure you try to organise a Greek costume for that day. We can help in class with materials you might need! Just ask! We would also like everyone to bring in some Greek food for our little Greek picnic! It only needs to be one item and please don't worry if you can't find anything as we normally have lots of food! Mrs Watson will go shopping for a few items too!

Year 5 Ancient Greek Fact File Homework

For this homework you will have 2 weeks. It does not need to be handed in until Friday 23rd November. But don’t leave it until the last minute!  

We want you to create a fact file, please.

Famous Ancient Greek scientist/mathematician fact file

Fold a piece of A4 paper in half and make it into a booklet. This booklet can be completed by hand or on the computer. It should include diagrams and pictures to make it more interesting.

This task requires you to research either one, or a few Ancient Greek scientists/mathematicians and what they discovered.

We don’t want you to copy your research out word for word. You need to understand it and then write it in your own words. We would prefer that your research was simple and you did less, and understood it, than receiving reams and reams of “Googled” pages.

An example of the scientists you could research are:

Eratosthenes- who determined that the circumference of the earth was 28,000 miles.

Archimedes -one of the greatest scientists/mathematicians of all time. He calculated the value of pi, which was a geometrical calculation that helped determine the width or circumference of a circle.

Aristarchus- discovered new theories about the way planets move in their orbits.

Hipparchus -a major thinker in the measurement of time and distance.

Euclid- proved that the shortest distance between two points is

a straight line.

Hippocrates- became known as the founder of medicine and was regarded as the greatest physician of his time. What can you find out about “The Hippocratic Oath?”

We look forward to getting your eye-catching booklets on the first day back that other children can read and enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Crook and Mrs. Watson

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