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YEAR 6 HOMEWORK - 22nd September 2017

Year 6 Homework for 28.9.17

In school this week children having been learning about E-Safety and how important it is to stay safe online and using technology responsibly. For your homework this week you need to design and create a poster or leaflet explaining how we can stay safe online and other important things about E-Safety. Make your poster as detailed as possible and eye catching! We want to display these posters around the school! There will be a small prize for the most interesting, informative and eye-catching poster from each Key Stage! 

Well done to those who brought in their research on a scientist. These are on display in the classroom so we can all learn about men and women who have shaped our world!

On the website, you will find the details for a whole school piece of homework to link with work done in school for e-safety week.

There is also a mental maths sheet to complete. Please encourage your child to tackle the sheet independently, with only a ruler for support! No calculators please. The sections become increasingly difficult, but every question should be attempted. A dictionary can be used to look up any unfamiliar terms. If you want to mark/check through with your child for immediate feedback, please do. If corrections are completed in a different colour, it will help us to see how your child is doing independently. Thank you.

Please return the consent form for our trip to St Edmunds School on Thursday and send in one item for the food hamper we are taking which will be given to a family n need.

Five signatures for reading this week, please.

Learn this week’s spellings. The words are still from the year 3 & 4 spelling list.

Mrs Dewey and Mrs Harrison