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YEAR 6 HOMEWORK - 19th January 2018

   HOMEWORK      YEAR 6         19th JANUARY 2018

  1. Enjoy those books you got for Christmas.                                               Try and recommend a book to a friend this week.
  2. Learn the spellings. Adverbs liven up a sentence1                                                                 
  3. Complete the maths sheet. It’s another general revision sheet.

    You can get help, or check with a calculator, ONLY after you have had-a-go yourself.

    START with what you know! Draw bars…write in numbers…

  4. We have been looking at the “role” of semi-colons this week.          There is an explanation sheet to keep at home for reference.                  The worksheet looks “wordy” but the task is straightforward. Read the sentences and put in the ; - remembering the rules. 
  5. Next FRIDAY we will have another times table test.                            Get practising!

    Triangles 4x     Squares   4x and 8x                                  Hexagons 4x and 8x

    Please find fun ways to keep it positive and successful!

Mrs. Harrison & Mrs. Dewey

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