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Welcome to Year 4 - Mrs Neale & Mrs Race



Our first exciting topic is titled ‘Amazing Amazon’. During this vibrant unit, we will be learning about the Amazon rainforest and its incredible biodiversity. We will investigate the threat of deforestation and its consequences for humanity. In science, we will find out about the water cycle and applying our knowledge in the context of the rainforest. In English, pupils will continue to refine their skills for biographical and persuasive writing, drawing inspiration from remarkable indigenous tribes such as the Yanamamo.
Our next unit is all about newcomers and is called ‘It’s a Small World’. We will be looking at local history to find out the impact of migration throughout history in Kent. We will also explore the multicultural influences that have shaped our country as a whole. In Art, we will find out about the pottery artist Shoji Hamada and using his work to inspire us to create our own slab pots. We will look at Kent Folk Tales in English; retelling and innovating them to create our own versions.
Our last unit of the year is ‘A Place for Everything’. In this unit we will focusing on animals and their habitats. We will learn about grouping animals with the help of classification keys and exploring how environments can change and pose dangers to those living in it and nearby. Children will be continuing to develop their practical geographical skills using compasses, maps and plans. Using cross curricular links we will be refining the skills of writing scientifically in English. We will also be drawing on our prior learning of deforestation to write a story with the theme of environmental calamity and the effects it has on animal and plant life.
In maths, we continue to follow White Rose Maths. When we return from the Easter break we will be spending the first few weeks exploring Geometry, learning about different shapes, symmetry and position and direction. We will be completing our learning on decimals and our third unit on measure with money and time. To round off, we will spend one week becoming statisticians and creating line graphs.
Our RE themes are New Life, Building Bridges and God’s People.
Please continue to read with your child at least 4 times a week, signing their reading record to show you have done so. We will continue to enjoy taking part in whole class guided reading sessions where children have the chance to read-aloud but also take part in exciting discussions and activities about our chosen book, poem or film.
Due to the pause on all statutory testing this year, there will be no official Multiplication Times Table Check. However, it still remains vital that children are practising their times tables regularly. The knowledge and quick recall of their times tables to 12 will help them hugely as they take on the challenges of maths in upper key stage 2. We encourage children to practise little and often at home on Time Tables Rock Stars to complement the thrice weekly practices we have in class.
It is our hope that as restrictions ease and life begins to resemble normality we will also be able to incorporate schools trips and visits into our plans once again. At present we have no guidance on when this will be possible, but rest assured, we have plenty of things we would like to do and once we have the green light we will endeavour to make them possible.
Thank you for all your support.
Mrs Neale & The Year 4 Team


The teaching team in year 4 will be Mrs Neale, Mrs Race and Mrs Brayshaw. We are very much looking forward to getting to know your children and start our learning adventures this year. 

As a school, St Augustine’s are using the ‘Inspire Curriculum’ which allows teachers to deliver the Curriculum in nine units over the academic year. Many of the subjects will interlink so children will be able to make connections with their learning across a wide range of contexts and subjects. All children will be encouraged to draw on their past experience and existing knowledge to discover new facts and truths. They will be given the opportunity to interact with the world around them using a variety of thinking skills to be creative and solve problems.

Children will always have an English and Maths lesson every day. Although there will be some links to Maths within the themed units, Maths will continue to be taught discreetly to ensure children develop their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding. Some of the units may not cover a particular subject area, for example History or Science, however this will be fully covered within another unit. It is important to remember that by the end of the year your child will have been taught all the learning objectives required for their year group.

We begin the year with a science based topic called “Where does my food go?” We will explore how our digestive systems work and also looking at how important our teeth are in the process of digestion. Our creative learning will compliment this where we will be inspired by the works of Guiseppe Arcrimboldo, who painted fruit and vegetable portraits. 

Just before the October half term we will begin our next exciting topic, a history based one, exploring invaders and settlers. Our question “Were the dark ages dark?” will see us investigate Britain after the departure of the Romans, look at musical instruments and poems of the period and use the Bayeaux tapestry as a launch for our creative work in Art. We will also incorporate a geographical element by researching the physical and human geography of Iceland. 

As we approach Christmas, we will be using our learning from our final unit of the term – “Batteries Included’ – to design and create our own stunning light up Christmas decorations. In French, we will learn about festivals and celebrations of other countries and our music theme is magical music! 

The use of ICT is integrated into all parts of the curriculum. We will be focusing on using the Internet to aid research and presenting our work in appropriate ways. We will also be using DB Primary. DB Primary is a safe, intuitive and friendly online environment designed to engage and educate the next generation of learners.

Our RE themes are looking at the family tree and how we are all part of God’s family. In term 2 we explore relationships with God as we learn how to trust in Him.

On Monday we will have a PE afternoon along with taking part in a 'Daily Mile' each morning. It is extremely important PE kits are in school every day in case there is a change of plan.

Children will benefit from reading at home every night and we would encourage you to sign their reading journals at least 4 times a week. By the end of Year 4, every child should know all their times tables up to 12 x 12! As a school, we use Times Tables Rock Stars to make our multiplication learning fun along with a bit of healthy competition, we ask that your child carries this on at home. In addition to reading and times tables, your child will bring home a spelling list every week to learn ready to be tested in school the following week. We continue not to send home additional weekly tasks for children to complete at home, however, there may be times during the year when activities might be sent home to recognise special events. 

We like to take our learning seriously in year 4. Feeling challenged happens when we are about to discover something new about ourselves or the world around us. We will make sure that whilst we are pushing ourselves in discovery we are having lots of fun at the same time! We can’t wait! 

I am always happy to discuss the curriculum, your child and how we can all best support each other. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to see me briefly after school or contact Mrs Knight in the office to request a telephone call. 

Best wishes, Mrs Neale, Mrs Race and Mrs Brayshaw​


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