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YEAR 5 HOMEWORK - 20th April 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

In our Maths lessons we are revising and extending our work on fractions, percentages and decimals. Your homework is to try and collect evidence of where you see and use either fractions, decimals or percentages. Either draw a sketch and label it or take a photograph if you can. Maybe you can cut something out from a newspaper or magazine. (Please ask permission first before cutting up your parents magazines!) It is important to try and understand when we would actually need to use our fraction, percentage or decimal knowledge in everyday situations.

We have now started our new topic 'Round and Round' and have looked at the life cycle of an eel! Over the next few weeks we will look at other animal life cycles in class. For your homework you need to choose an animal and do some research about that animal with a focus on their life cycles. You will have 2 weeks for this homework and it can be presented as a booklet or poster. Try to include as much information about the animal as possible. You can use a computer to publish a booklet or use pens and pencils to make a booklet. In class we will do some work in ICT to compile our own animal book so your homework will really help your work in class too!

There is optional homework for the whole school which involves designing a Wedding Card for Prince Harry & Megham Markle. Please click on the link below for details:-


Have a good weekend

Mrs. Crook and Mrs. Watson

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