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Welcome to Year 2 - Miss Cox and Mrs Bowman



Welcome to Year 2 with Miss Cox, Mrs Bowman, Mrs Hagger and Mrs Luckham,

A big thank you to everyone at home for doing such a fantastic job with your child’s home learning. I have enjoyed seeing all the work they have completed along with the exciting stories they have been sharing. It has been a pleasure to see how excited they are to be chatting and learning with their friends again. They have settled back into school life extremely well and we now hope to enjoy the sunnier days and warmer weather.
Our student teacher, Miss Giles, will be completing her teacher training with our class and will be with us until June. The children got to know Miss Giles throughout the end of term 4 and we are very lucky to have her.
Topic 1: National Celebration
In this Unit pupils will look at the lives of two very important British queens, Victoria and Elizabeth II. They will compare their lives and look at how this country has changed in the years between their reigns. Pupils will find out about important traditions associated with the monarchy such as coronations, weddings and the Trooping of the Colour. They will look at the different countries that the queen rules over and how these too have changed over the years. In English they will be studying the fairy tale Cinderella and thinking about the classic features of this genre. In art they will look at famous portraits of the two queens and then create their own portrait of Queen Elizabeth using collage.
Topic 2 – Trading Places – Britain or Brazil?
In this exciting Unit pupils learn about the vibrant South American country of Brazil which played host to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. The Unit introduces pupils to the colour, drama and excitement of many different aspects of Brazilian life including language and customs, along with the Brazilian passion for carnival, football and Formula 1. In geography pupils will learn where Brazil is located and how big it is. They will discover that it is a country of great contrasts: old and new; rich and poor. In music pupils learn about the samba rhythms that provide the exhilarating soundtrack to Rio’s carnival. In design and technology pupils design flags that they could wave to support their country during the Olympic Games and moving carnival floats.
Please note that this Unit does not go into detail about the Amazon rainforest as there is a Unit dedicated to this important topic in Year 5.
Topic 3 – Home and Away
Through this Unit, pupils will consider the attractions of holiday destinations and explore and compare contrasting holiday destinations in the UK and abroad. They will use geographical vocabulary to describe the location, features and landmarks of these places. The Unit begins with pupils examining photos of holiday destinations, deciding what makes them attractive and then identifying places that they have visited on trips or holidays, or seen on TV or in pictures, or would like to visit. They are asked to think about the attractions in their own area, even if they have never visited them, and the activities they could undertake locally during school holidays before venturing further afield one day.
A double session of P.E will be taught on a Thursday and will be outside whenever possible.
Children will benefit from reading at home every night and their reading journals should be signed at least 4 times a week. Spellings will be given out on a Friday and will be tested the following Friday. These can always be found in their green reading journal.
Please contact us should you need further information,

Miss Cox, Mrs Bowman, Mrs Luckham & Mrs Hagger



Welcome to Year 2 with Miss Cox and Mrs. Bowman

What do I need to be me?

Our first topic has a strong focus on science. We are very excited to have a butterfly house in the classroom in order to observe the lifecycle of a butterfly first hand. Besides this, we will be looking at the lifecycles of other animals and considering how we, and animals, change as we get older. As part of this topic we will learn about what we need to stay healthy including diet, exercise and sleep! We will be creating a ‘Healthy Café’ where we will be creating healthy fruit kebabs.  In art we are looking at animal markings and will design, make and use printing blocks. We will also learn how to mix colours. Our work in ICT will support our design skills in art and we will also be recording the lifecycle of a butterfly using a variety of computer programmes.

Through the Keyhole

Our second topic focuses on historical investigation. The children will compare old and new objects identifying similarities and differences between each. We will learn about Hythe's history and discover the exciting events that happened on our doorstep! In science we will explore materials and their uses, looking particularly at the properties of different materials and why they are suitable for different jobs. We will be conducting simple experiments. In art we will learn to sew cross stitch embroidery using Victorian samplers as inspiration.

Flying High

Our third topic will look at the history of flight and the story of the Wright brothers. In geography we will create maps using aerial photographs and figure out directions for Father Christmas to travel to our school / home! In art we will create Christmas decorations to jazz up the classroom and your living room for the holiday season!

A double session of P.E will be taught on a Thursday and will be outside whenever possible.

Children still benefit from reading at home every night and their reading journals should be signed at least 4 times a week. Spellings will be given out on a Friday, ready to be tested the following Friday. These can be found in their green reading record.

Please could you ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled to help the children take care of their belongings.

If you do have any queries you can always contact me through the school office.

Miss Cox

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