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YEAR 3 HOMEWORK - 22nd September 2017

Dear Parents,

In school this week children having been learning about E-Safety and how important it is to stay safe online and using technology responsibly. For your homework this week you need to design and create a poster or leaflet explaining how we can stay safe online and other important things about E-Safety. Make your poster as detailed as possible and eye catching! We want to display these posters around the school! There will be a small prize for the most interesting, informative and eye-catching poster from each Key Stage! 

This week in English we have started to look at the features of non-fiction books. Please find a non-fiction book at home or go to the library and fill out the worksheet in the homework folder.

If you have a book about an animal or animals, please bring it in on Monday to help us with our animal research. Thank you.

Have a good weekend.

Ms Deal and Mrs. Reid