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Welcome to Year 1 - Mrs Deal, Mrs Everitt & Mrs Abberline-Reid



Dear Parents,
Welcome back to the summer term where we can enjoy warmer weather and brighter days. We are so happy with the way the children returned back to school after lockdown. They have shown such resilience in these difficult times and have returned with smiles on their faces and a spring in their step. Well done to you all for all your hard work with home learning and a big thank you from us.
Obviously with the easing of restrictions being done gradually, school has not returned to normal completely. However, little by little, day by day things are becoming more frequent and regular and normality is beginning to seem closer each day.
During Term 4 we were joined by a new school teacher called Mr Macmillan-Parks who is a student teacher from Christchurch University. He will be with us in Year 1 until July for his placement where he will be sharing the teaching of the class. We want to welcome him and are really happy he has joined us.
Term 5 and 6 2021
We are really looking forward to the activities we will be doing during these two terms and have lots of exciting things planned. We’re especially looking forward to working outside more.
Topic 1
In this Unit, pupils will find out about the five senses and which parts of the body each one of these senses is associated with. They will use these senses to explore their school grounds and create a sensory area for themselves and other pupils to enjoy.
The theme is developed across subjects throughout the unit. Pupils look for items, relating to the five senses, to collect and attach to a poetry stick, before they write their own ‘senses’ poems. They then decide on the best route for a sensory trail and draw up plans before constructing it. Pupils also create their own ‘big art’ to represent the senses and make clay models of mini beasts to include in the sensory trail.
Pupils investigate the use of wind chimes and outdoor xylophones along the sensory trail and also examine accessibility and where to include plants along the trail.
Finally, once completed, pupils guide each other around the trail wearing blindfolds, before inviting the Reception class or other children to use the trail.
Topic 2
In this unit, the pupils are challenged to create an exciting, happy pet shop that sells different types of animals. This will enable them to be able to identify and name different animals, their eating habits and be able to describe and compare the structure of animals. They will be writing information texts about animals, which will be used in their pet shop as the information boards. They will also design a leaflet for new pet owners and write ‘Lost’ posters.
Most of their knowledge will come from their science lessons, where they will be learning to identify different animals and sort them into different criteria. They will also be researching and classifying
animals in computing and entering this information into a database. The pupils will be commissioned to create sculptures to decorate the different areas of their pet shop, thinking about the animal’s features and in design and technology, they will be making animal hand puppets.
Topic 3
This Unit will look at the changing seasons and the different weather associated with each one. Pupils will think about journeys they might be making or have made in the past. They will look at maps and globes to see where they have been or where they are going. Pupils will be transported around the world on a magic carpet where they will explore geographical and cultural aspects of the seven continents and five oceans of the world.
The use of ICT is integrated into all parts of the curriculum. We will be learning about different ways of communicating through the internet, we will also be creating a factsheet about ourselves using images from the internet.
We will continue throughout these terms to deliver daily phonics sessions. The Government has advised that the phonics screening check this year does not need to take place, however as a school, we will deliver this in June to assess how well children are grasping new sounds and highlight any gaps to revisit. This will allow us to keep a progress check of each child. This is always delivered in a fun, happy way so that the children have no idea that it is a screening check-up.
Our first RE theme is ‘Resurrection. ‘The second unit is ‘Miracles’. During both topics, the children will hear amazing stories about when Jesus used his power to help others.
We will continue to have PE lessons on a Wednesday afternoon, so please ensure the children have their kits in school. As well as that, we will be continuing with the daily run or walk each morning, giving the children an opportunity to stretch their legs and get some oxygen flowing ready to learn for the morning.
Children still benefit from reading at home every night and their reading journals should be signed at least 4 times a week.
Spellings will still be given on a Friday and stuck in reading record books, and they will be tested on these the following Friday morning.
Please do contact us should you want further information,

Mrs Deal, Mrs Everitt and Mrs Reid



Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Everitt, Ms Deal and Mrs Reid. We are all delighted to have such a wonderful class and look forward to meeting you!

Our first unit has the theme of ‘building’. During this unit we will be exploring how we use materials to change the world around us. During science we will be comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials. The children will also experience building shelters and keeping safe through the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In geography we will be using aerial photographs to recognise landmarks and basic physical features. This will help to support our music lessons which will be based on Tchaikovsky’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’.

The second unit ‘Who am I?’ gives children the opportunity to express their individuality, explore their identity, develop their talents and understand their place in both their immediate and the wider world.  During history we will be focusing on our local area and the family history of school life.

Our third unit – ‘Let’s Celebrate’ – will explore celebrations which happen in our own families, communities and beyond. The children will consider aspects of celebrations, including parties. In history we will consider how events have been celebrated in the past.

The use of ICT is integrated into all parts of the curriculum. We will be programming Beebot’s and will be taking photographs which will then have sound attached to them to create a multimedia experience. 

We will follow the national frameworks for Literacy and Numeracy for year 1. Literacy will be linked to our new units as well as daily phonics sessions.

Our RE themes are ‘My Family and Belonging’ where we will be looking in-depth at Baptism and in term 2 we will focus on Mary and will reflect on the birth of Jesus and Mary’s role.

A session of P.E will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon and will be outside whenever possible. The children will also be having an Outdoor Learning afternoon on a Thursday and will need to bring in warm waterproof clothes for this and wellies if they do not have any in school.

Children still benefit from reading at home every night and their reading journals should be signed at least 4 times a week.  If there are any other notes you would like us to see please write these in their reading records too. If you need to speak to any of the teachers, please go via the office and we will be happy to phone at a convenient time to discuss.

Mrs Everitt, Ms Deal and Mrs Reid

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