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Welcome to Year 3 - Mrs Deal and Mrs Ried

Welcome to Year 3 with Ms Deal (the class teacher) and Mrs Reid (the teaching assistant).

We are all incredibly excited as we kick off our new academic year with our cross curricular topic, ‘Animals and Humans’ and a visit to Wingham Wildlife Park.  During our lessons, the pupils will be carrying out research that involves caring for animals and keeping them healthy. Pupils will learn about the importance of nutrition in the diet for humans and animals, classifying them into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Children will also create a food database in computing and learn food vocabulary during our French sessions. In Art and Design they will be exploring a variety of techniques to create sketches of animals and objects in movement, using ‘futurism’ as an art source.

Our second cross curricular topic is called ‘Set in Stone’ in which the pupils will learn , through both fiction and non-fiction texts, about the lives and legacy of early Britons and Settlers, including those who lived during the stone, bronze and iron ages. In art we will be producing cave paintings and in our Design and Technology work the pupils will be designing and building shelters for a nomadic hunter gatherer family. Through this topic pupils will be able to think about how and why the ways of life adopted by prehistoric people slowly changed over time.

These units will take us comfortably into the Christmas season when we will enjoy some festive cheer and some time for art, craft and the KS2 Christmas performance.

We will be having a big P.E. session on Thursdays and are hoping to make the most of the sunshine while it is still here. Ensure that you have your labelled PE kit in school every day however, just in case there are other activities which require kit.

English lessons will be exciting and inspiring and will give your children an opportunity to read and write various genres. We will be focusing hard on setting out, handwriting and presentation too as once you are a junior this becomes even more important!

There will be a daily maths lessons which will cover the national curriculum new programme of study for Y3. This will cover place value, money, fractions, mental addition and subtraction facts, shape, data and measures, multiplication and division. One expectation is that most children should know all their times tables (to 12X) by the age of 9! Hopefully, as well as reading with your child, times tables practice will be a regular part of their weekly homework. Homework is set on Friday for the following Thursday and there is an expectation that reading is done on a daily basis with your child. Spellings will be given on a Friday to be tested the following Friday. Sometimes these will be related to our Topic work, but also rules and patterns too.

Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms Deal.