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Welcome to Reception Class - Mrs Folkard and Mrs Houghton

Overview term 3 and 4 - January 2018

In term 3 and 4 we will be continuing to use in the moment planning (itmp) to move the children’s learning on during their child led play time.  These moments will be recorded in their observations as before and observations will be sent out at the end of each term via email.  Please be aware that the number of observations may decrease with time.  This is because we try to avoid recording repeated activities and will only evidence significant learning.  This term we have begun to concentrate more on the mechanics of writing and have incorporated extra whole class writing sessions into the timetable.  In order to support us with this we would like you to encourage mark making and writing at home as much and as independently as possible.  Children are currently being encouraged to record the sounds that they can hear in words, this may mean that there are letters missing from the words they write.  Please do not worry about this or ask children to copy from you, we would rather their writing was generated as independently as possible. 

We have noticed that many of you are not signing their reading record books and so we are unsure if the children have read at home or not.  Just to remind you children should attempt to read a small amount every night and each time your child reads, the book needs to be signed.  The children’s reading will improve significantly with frequent practice.  Also children should be encouraged to read as independently as possible, encourage them to read the book to you before your read it to them. 

We have and will be continuing our forest school activities all through the winter so appropriate clothing is a must.  A few children are still missing waterproofs and wellingtons please could these be provided so that no child has to miss out on these valuable activities.

We are looking forward to a busy and productive term.

Mrs Emma Folkard and Miss Shannon Houghton.

TERMS 1 & 2 - SEPTEMBER 2017

First of all I’d like to say welcome to all of the new families joining us this year and welcome back to all the familiar faces!  This year in reception the class will be led by Mrs Folkard with Miss Houghton as TA.  We are very excited to be beginning the year a fresh and have made a few slight tweaks to how things will work in reception.

This year reception will, primarily, be learning through play.  We will be taking a ‘planning in the moment’ approach to learning.  This involves the adults observing children, identifying what they are demonstrating in their play, interacting with the children (either asking questions, engaging them in conversation, offering a resource or demonstrating a skill) and finally observing again to see how the child reacts to the adults input.  Each term the children’s observations will be sent to you by email.  ITMP on the observation stands for ‘in the moment planning’ and will detail what the adult did to support the child’s learning.  When the children have settled into school life, we will begin to choose children to be the week’s focus children.  This means that, that week the focus children will be observed more and you, as parents, will be invited to be part of the process.  You will be asked to fill out a focused child form and, at the end of the week, will be invited in to discuss the learning that has taken place with the teachers.

This term will also be taking part in ‘Helicopter stories’.  This is a combination of verbal storytelling and story acting.  The aim is to develop children’s speech and language, give them a good understanding of narrative and eventually encourage them to write for themselves.

Every day the children will have a few short carpet sessions, building up in length as the year progresses.  In these sessions we will be learning phonics, basic maths skill and RE.

Every Wednesday morning the children will be involved in a P.E session with Mr Dewey and therefore need to have their P.E kit in school in anticipation of this. 

Monday afternoons the class will join Key Stage 1 for a singing session with Mrs Brookes.  They will learn songs for assemblies, Mass and just for fun!

Please try to hear your child read as regularly as possible and record it in their reading record book.  We will attempt to hear the children at least once a week and their books will be changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please ensure that they are in the book bag every day.  Homework will be given out of Fridays inside their home learning journal and needs to be handed in for marking by the following Thursday.  Any homework not handed in by Thursday may not be marked before new homework is issued.

We will be beginning our forest school sessions in the school grounds very soon so please ensure that all children have waterproof clothing and welly boots as soon as possible.

Please remember we are always here to help so don’t hesitate to ask or phone the school office.

Mrs Emma Folkard and Miss Shannon Houghton.

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